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Blackhead Remover | Blackhead removal tool

Product Review (submitted on August 15, 2017):

Wow. This product made many promises and delivered on all of them. It quickly charged and was extremely easy to use. I used it right out of the shower, so my pours were open. I first used the largest attachment to suck blackheads from my chin and forehead. I then attached the smaller one for my nose. It was so cool to see all the oil plugs come right off. I used a cool towel to close up my pores and saw immediate results. I was most excited to try out the microcrystalline head. It gently exfoliated my skin, and at the same time, stimulated circulation (which increases skin elasticity). My skin is looking and feeling smoother, more radiant and my fine lines are diminished. I would highly suggest buying this tool for all your skincare needs.