What does the trend color rosegold look like and who does it stand for?

You are also the type of woman who is not satisfied with everyday, normal colors and makeup trends? Then take good care! Spring and summer are accompanied by a new trend color, which you will not forget so quickly. The trendy color gold combines pure elegance with modern versatility. It can therefore be used very extensively. The new colour can be seen more than just in clothing, as well as in many jewellery collections, but also in the matter of makeup.

Rosegold: A trendy color that fits almost every woman!

The extravagant color flatters as much as any woman, whether as a bracelet or as an eye shadow. So if you're looking for a new eyeshadow palette or you can't choose a lipstick, make sure you look in the direction of gold. This color is the new gold on the market and makes it really competitive.

The mix of rose and gold can also be used in the fashion world in a variety of ways. On the international catwalks you can always discover the new trend colour more and more. It is gaining in popularity and is no longer an integral part of the fashion and beauty world from now on.

Even the hair is now increasingly dyed in a mixture of gold. This thus underlines your individual type, which demands extravagance.

What not everyone has is the motto here. Especially in the faces and nails of the trend-conscious woman of today, gold is a must. The great thing about the color is that you can easily use it for any outfit and for any occasion. Be it for a business meeting, for a long disco night or even for a casual casual look.

Playful, glamorous makeup, with a lot of youthfulness!

The trendy colour is excellent for a perfect make-up. The great thing is that gold can be worn with any skin color without any problems. A special eye-catcher is achieved with a rose gold gloss eye shadow, in combination with a lip gloss in rose. To make the result even more harmonious, makeup the cheekbones. The colors should be harmonious and yet the focus should be on only one area, i.e. either accentuate the eyes or the lips. Don't overdo it in intensity, but keep in mind, less is often more.

There is a point, however, that you should note in the chic trend color. Depending on the skin tone you have, you should use more gold or rose. With pale skin make up more and more with pink makeup. Olive darker skin types, on the other hand, tolerate more tones than pink color pigments.