Women in fashion do not stop exploring the possibilities of mixing metals. They discovered more and more today. A bracelet stacking is a huge trend, and it's a great way to update any outfit from your wardrobe instantly. It becomes a trendy fashion detail all over the world. You can often see famous women and celebrities appearing on a red carpet carrying a considerable pile of bracelets around their wrists. Bracelets in silver can also be suitable for everyday occasions, as well as evening outings or special moments. These shiny little objects can undoubtedly affect your appearance. However, the series of bracelets on the hand is a very complicated question with which you have to be careful and know how to stack them to look more attractive and beautiful.

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The first thing to do is to match your jewellery with a garment variant. Harmonising jewellery with your outfit is as important as the clothes you selected for the event in question.

The second important thing is that you know what kind of silver bracelets you put together. Once you have chosen the desired bracelets, be sure to follow the following tips:

1. Bracelet stacking starting with three pieces of silver bracelets. It will be comfortable to wear these bracelets to unifying styles that complement the fashion of the stackable bracelet. It will be better for you to consider a uni and fin silver bracelet as a base then, add more by accompanying the accompaniments.

2. In the stacking of bracelets, it is useful to have a similar round radius, so that they can all move together.

3. Pay attention to the texture. For example, if you wear three bracelets at the same time, it is crucial that the size and shape distinguish the bracelet in the middle of the other two, in order to give a certain dimension and depth to the structure. The other two should be smaller and simpler, because their main function is to complete the entire composition. You will also want to highlight the two small bracelets so that the whole combination will look more dynamic. Also, always consider the situation in which you will be, in which you go with your stacked bracelets, whether at school, in the mall or at work. Of course, it is not advantageous to create a chime every time you raise your hand.Therefore, be sure not to abuse the batteries of a bracelet.

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The last thing is that since you have decorated a wrist with favorite jewelry, think about leaving the other hand free or just put an elegant watch on it so that you will not look crowded with these silver coins. The stackable bracelets will be a creative and breathtaking combination. It will make you express your styles and create your own fashion. Arrange, swap and pair different bracelets at once. It works with different looks. On the other, the bracelet stacking is an art.

So make it a representation of your personality.

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