Features of the blackheads

Blackheads are the root cause of acne, or are assumed to be, with a distinction between open and closed blackheads. Nevertheless, one should be careful when removing blackheads, because there is always the risk of pushing the bacteria even deeper into the skin. Thus, the way is prepared for the emergence of deep abscesses. For this reason, dermatologists generally advise against the removal of their own blackheads and recommend a visit to a good beauty salon or even a regular check of the dermatologist's skin.

In this case, blackheads are essentially nothing more than accumulations of sebum and dirt, which are deposited on the skin even with very correct personal care. If a patient has an uneven skin - and in most people this may be the case - these impurities can often not be removed correctly and blackheads develop.

Remove open and closed blackheads

With regard to blackheads, it is now important to distinguish open and closed blackheads. One speaks of an open blackhead whenever the skin impurity - because nothing else is a blackhead - is colored yellow and the follicle opening is open. In a closed blackhead, this follicle opening is closed and has a plug of dirt and sebum. In principle, however, both forms should be actively combated to prevent the formation of acne and / or other abscesses. This should be dispensed with the popular expressions of the blackheads remove blackhead, of course, is out of the question.

Much more useful is the visit to a good beautician or a dermatologist of confidence to remove the blackheads and prevent the emergence of new impurities and blemishes by gentle methods. These are then individually tailored to the skin type of the patient and work in both an open and a closed blackhead. 

Remove blackheads in children

Basically, no one is really protected from a blackhead, and so it can happen that it is even necessary for a child to remove the blackheads and treat the already very sensitive and vulnerable skin. Anyone who has a tendency to blackhead with his child, should therefore pay attention to a consistent skin cleansing and consistent skin care. Also, the regular visit to a beauty salon should be taken early. The same applies to regular consultations with a good dermatologist.

Especially with children, it should be best avoided to want to remove even the existing blackheads, after all, so you can contribute to damage to the skin, which are then difficult to repair or cosmetically correct. If it should be necessary to remove the existing blackheads, you must never handle the bare fingernails on the skin. Here you should use clean Kleenex to minimize the risk of infection with bacteria, which each person has on the hands, as low as possible.