Tips to layer jewelry for you

Spring is coming and that means it's time to change our style for warmer weather-that includes accessories! When you pull out the short sleeves and dresses for the end of March, you can see that it is time to renew your jewelry. A major trend is currently the stratification of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

We offer tips for mixing and combining styles so you can ascend as a fashionista!

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Stratification chains

If you can't decide which necklaces to wear, why not wear them all? Get more out of your jewelry box with stratification, but follow these tips to make it fashionable and practical:

▪ combine a standard chain (16-inch chain) with longer chains to avoid a get tangled.

▪ wear a large statement piece, accent with simple chain necklaces.

▪ do not worry about the perfect distance as long as the chains do not get tangled.

Looking back is the new ' in ' thing! You can mix the desired metals, styles and shapes. However, the selection of chains with the same general style can be more suitable for beginners. Over time, your style will progress and you'll be able to access more courageously.

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Fashion Jewelry Online Layers

Layering bracelets
We love the look of layered bracelets, but sometimes they can be impractical. For example, when you tap working days on the computer, dangling bracelets can get in the way. As a solution, try to combine different color wrap bracelets on a wrist that remain tight on your arm.

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Mix fashion Jewelry

Layering rings
With ' hand candy ' a casual outfit can be easily put on, but how many rings are too much? When you layer rings, you should spread them over your fingers to maximize their effect. Also choose a hand to focus on others and keep your other accessories minimal.

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