To determine which type of jewelry you are, you should go to your rose jewellery box or wherever you keep your jewelry. Look at your collection carefully. Do you grab different pieces because they tell you a story? Do you remember the compliments you have for some pieces? Wondering where you bought your guess ring? Great! You are definitely a jewelry type and enjoy your personal selection.

The jewelry is composed of different criteria. What type of color are you? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

This is mainly due to the colour of hair, eyes and skin.

Spring: Hair strawberry to dark blond, bright warm skin tone, tends to sunburns, eyes: Blue, green, brown.

Red gold, gold, orange and the especially topical brown gold match your colour palette, while the design is dominated by fine chiselled pieces with delicate patterns.

Summer: Ash blonde to medium brown hair, light skin that turns red first, then Brown. Blue, green, grey eyes and mixtures of them. Your materials are silver, white gold and platinum in clear shapes, like in geometric Art Deco style.

Autumn: Dark brown, possibly slightly reddish shiny hair, eyes: Warm golden brown, olive green, teal; Bright skin with a yellowish shimmer that tan well. 

Winter: The much-quoted Snow White type. Very dark to black hair, very white, almost bluish shimmering skin and deep brown or very blue eyes. Silver, white gold and platinum combine well with diamond, moonstone, rubies and pearls.

Gold jewellery therefore fits the warm spring and autumn types, while silver is more likely to be reserved for cool summer and winter types. Fashion courageous also likes to mix by integrating copper and brass into their jewellery repertoire.

Those who are interested in the type matching gemstone colors do well to orient themselves on their zodiac sign. Even if the birth stone does not necessarily match the scheme of the color type, this stone will always underline your character and thus naturally add itself to your palette.

Of course it also depends on your style of clothing. The classic type has its wardrobe full of timeless, well-combinable garments and with the help of jewellery it sets interesting, as well as coloured accents. Many designer labels such as S. Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger or Tom Tailor process noble, semi-precious and artificial stones in their current jewellery collections.

The romantic women's type loves swinging skirts and dresses in the 50s style, frills and lace. Delicate pieces of jewellery in filigree shapes and pastel colors complement this style of clothing perfectly. But also a statement chain to a uni dress gives a special eye-catcher.

The sporty guy loves it straight forward and rather spartan. Sparingly used accent pieces made of stainless steel or matt silver with cubic pendants or glitter balls also give this look a touch of extravagance.

The extravagant type does not set any limits in fashion or jewellery. Is born, what pleases, with the self-confidence that is innate to this eccentric woman.