What’s your color-Gold, Silver or Rosegold?


The most important thing first: whether you have dark or light skin, has nothing to do with your color type! Even pale people can have warm undertones, while people with dark skin can show just as cool undertones.

What type of color are you?

Look at your wrist in natural light-first time without any jewelry. Do the veins on the underside of your arm look blue or rather green?

If your veins are blue, then your skin tends to have cool tones. Usually, silver, white gold or platinum tones fit best here. But hey, if you always wanted to wear gold, but find it doesn't suit you, try gold. Surprisingly well, the reddish metal fits to people with cool undertones.

If your veins look green, your skin has a warm tone that goes into the yellowish (that's why the blue veins also look green-because blue veins + yellowish skin = green). Gold suits you better than people with cool tones. So browse through our gold jewellery for your mood!

Are your veins anything between blue, green, and purple? Then you're a neutral guy! Sorry, you can not find yourself in any of the extreme camps, but are somewhere in between-this can of course also be practical...;) You are actually all metallic tones-gold, gold and silver celebrate together in the tricolor-look a party on your skin.

After the knowledge frenzy it is time for a little bit of freedom of expression: we find that everyone is allowed to wear everything! If you love gold, but you're a cool guy, then you dare. Maybe you're better off than you thought! Your search for metallic treasures starts here