Racism at H&M? "coolest monkey in the jungle"-sweater makes you angry!


"This is inappropriate, offensive and racist" is the tenor of Twitter users.

Racism or just a silly coincidence? This picture caused a furore on Twitter. A black boy wearing a sweater with the inscription "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" made many H&M fans cook with rage.

At Twitter, the mood is boiling against the Swedish clothing brand H&M: An inappropriate combination of model and product was the trigger after a black boy wore a sweater labeled "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle".

"Coolest Monkey in the Jungle"-children's sweater from H&M ensures head shaking
What did H&M think? This is currently asking some Twitter users. On the green hoodie stands "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" ("the coolest monkey in the Jungle"). No reason to be upset, the model would not be a small, colored boy. No wonder that some users are angry with each other:
Whose idea was it at H&M that this little, cute, black boy wears a sweater on the "coolest monkey in the Jungle"?
Many interpreted the image as "inappropriate," "offensive," and "racist," and some even threatened to boycott the mark. And the trouble still persists: "These H&M designers really sat there and thought that having a black child model wearing this Pullli would be a good idea" and "that's disgusting and irresponsible. You know the story of racists who use the term "monkey" to humiliate people of African descent... and they put this on their website! ", are just two of the many reactions on Twitter.
"Why is the white child ' a jungle survivor ' and the Black Kid the ' coolest monkey in the Jungle '?"
In addition to this questionable action, a white, European boy also wears a sweater, but with the inscription "Survival expert". Both shirts are available on the same product page in the British online shop of H&M.
This is inappropriate, offensive and racist. Why is the white child ' a jungle survivor ' and the Black Kid the ' coolest monkey in the Jungle '? How can you think that's all right? Remove that and the garment. This is completely distasteful.
So another outraged user and puts the hashtag "racist" under the tweet.
Meanwhile, a H&M spokeswoman has apologized. Already during the course of Sunday the picture was changed in the shop and the product was presented without a model.