IPL Hair Removal Device

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350,000 Pulses: With a lifetime of approximately 15 years worth of full body treatment. This hair removal is 3 times the life of ordinary hair removal device. No replacement lamps or gels required. 5 light energy settings - suitable for the most of the hair colors.


Painless and Safety: Intelligent sensor adapts to skin tone and continuously reads the skin tone before every flash and automatically optimizes the light intensity for an effective and safe treatment. IPL hair removal device is equipped with an integrated UV filter to protect your skin from UV light. Medical clinic studies, certificated CE and RoHS all prove that IPL hair removal device is a safe solution to permanent and convenient epilation at home.


Professional Technology-IPL: DEESS IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is uniquely designed for permanent visible hair removal. The IPL hair removal device utilizes clinically proven technology that is completely harmless to human body. It sends light pulses that optimized to target melanin in the hair, the light absorbed by the melanin which heats up preventing unwanted hair from skin surface with continuing to use.


Personal Care and Save Money: IPL hair removal technology used by professional dermatologists and salons has been clinically proven as a safe way to remove unwanted body hair, helping you to save the money spending in the salon and get an ideal treatment for permanent hair removal. You can remove unwanted hair at home or do personal hair removal in private.


Compact Design and Satisfied Result: Compact design and durable construction are good for travel. Clinically proven results show that up to 95% hair reduction realized after 4~7 treatments and 98% customers are satisfied with the treatment result with long-term treatment.


Hair Removal Method:


1. Shave and clean hair on treated area
2. Disinfect lamp--connect to power
3. Keep press power button to turn on device and choose suitable energy level
4. Touch skin tightly and flash
5. Flash on treated area in turns (ensure no flashes overlapping or missing)
6. Repeat 2-3 times of flashing the whole hair removal area
7. Keep press power button to turn off device
8. Smear cooling gel and moisturized cream to relieve and repair skin




Is DEESS IPL Laser Hair Removal right for you?


- It is suitable for both women and men to remove the unwanted hair on legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach, and arms.


- The DEESS IPL Laser Hair Removal should only be used for light to medium skin tones 0.




and works best on darker hair colors.


- Do not use DEESS IPL Laser Hair Removal on tattoos or dark spots on your skin.


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