Our story begins in 1979

The idea for Actopp was born in 1979 when founder, Martin, noticed that one can believe life has a thousand possibilities if one just believes in herself. Sometimes all it takes is to change a hairstyle or wear a piece of jewelry to remind what she is seeking for and to give herself confidence. After 40 years’ product research, design, manufacturing, and development, Martin has grown it into a company which designs and produces high-quality beauty products and fashion jewelry to help ladies to discover and refine their personal styles around the world at affordable prices.

Our Core Values: Less Is More

We believe in the life philosophy that “ Less Is More”, just like Thoreau stated in “Walden”: to front only the essential facts of life. For Thoreau, essential facts of life is food, shelter, clothing, and fuel, but for modern girls, at least one piece of jewelry which goes for any occasion is essential. With that philosophy as our core value, unlike many other online stores with thousands of product options displayed randomly but so little care for customers’ expectation, Actopp only provides you what you really desire. Whether you want something trendy, classy, or flashy, designers from Actopp will go ABOVE AND BEYOND to satisfy you anytime.

Our Core Strengths

Top designers, Top products, Top services

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100% Money-back Guarantee

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Our Mission--To Explore more of Yourself with Us!

Every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, as every lady does. You are who you are with books you read, with jewelry you wear.

Actopp’s mission is to offer every lady across the world a universe of high quality, trendy, modern and genuine beauty products and jewelry at affordable prices, thereby inspiring women to express their unique individuality.

Experience life with the jewelry you choose. Share with us your story. Explore more.