ACTOPP aims to provide high quality products at competitive prices, for you and your family! For a more convenient and stylish life! Sign up and join in free to become a member of the Fans club. By participating in a variety of simple yet interesting activities, you can enjoy a lot of extra special services to make your life easier and happier!


Participate in activities to earn ACTOPP bonus points

- Register in ACTOPP website; follow official Facebook brand fans page, to earn 500 bonus points

- Purchase product then you’ll get 1$=10 points automatically

- leave unbiased product reviews, it is recommended to review with pictures, get 100 points automatically

-Take a product video and share it with your social network channels, like Facebook home page, will add 100 bonus points for you

-Take a product photo, with a thank-you note to the brand included then share this pic on your social channel, will get 100 points for you

- Participate in other interesting activities hold by ACTOPP Facebook page to earn extra bonus points


ACTOPP Membership Card Rules

Silver card

Once you sign up and purchase items from, you will receive a Silver Card and enjoy accordingly offer.


Gold Card

If your bonus point gets 10,000 + at, you will receive a Gold Card and enjoy accordingly offer.


Diamond card

If your bonus point gets 100,000 + at, you will receive a diamond card and enjoy accordingly offer.


Unique Savings and Privileges for Members


- Discount coupons

Silver Card: will send 10% off coupon code to your account on holidays or during other promotional activities

Gold Card: will send 20% off coupon code to your account on holidays or during other promotional activities

Diamond card: will send 25% off coupon code to your account on holidays or during other promotional activities


- Use Bonus Points to exchange for products activities

Actopp prepares many quality products on each thank-you-members activity period so you can use points to exchange for products.


- Diamond card members will receive a free birthday gift from ACTOPP


 - ACTOPP Featured Amazing Services


All ACTOPP fan club members, if your destination of travelling to China is Xi'an, Shenzhen, Beijing. ACTOPP fan club will provide you with the following amazing services:

For Silver Card possessed members:


1 will provide route advices when travelling in China.

2 will provide telephone call, wechat app English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish translation services.

3. Provide reservations for airplane and train tickets services within China.

4. Will provide hotel reservations and check in services.

5. Help you to purchase desired Chinese goods, and arrange shipping to your house directly!

6. Will provide advices and services on tariff and tax refund.

For Gold Card possessed members:

7. Will provide Chinese Phone Sim-card, mobile wifi and Chinese mobile phone rental services.

8. Will provide airplane port travelling shuttle service.


For Diamond Card possessed members:

9. Will provide free backpacking and shipping of your items which cannot be taken away by yourself to your home when leaving China.

10. Will apply for a visa card for you for travelling to China at free of charge.

11. When your member bonus points get to 80,000, Actopp will buy you one one-way airplane ticket to China.

12. When your member bonus points get to 300,000, you can enjoy ACTOPP VIP travelling team premium services, guiding and escorting during your whole tour will be provided also.


For other additional special services welcome to contact the ACTOPP fans club:


It’s okay when you haven’t reached any of the above level of bonus points rules, once registered from ACTOPP you can still enjoy discounts from us. ACTOPP reserves the right to amend Bonus Points rules at any time with our sole discretion.