Pimples, imperfections, redness, blackheads ... it is a nightmare for most of the girl! Having a smooth skin without imperfection, just depending on cleanser, moisturizer or makeup. Does it hear possible? But how to properly remove the blackhead? How well do you camouflage it? Actopp beauty gives you tricks. Tricks and good gestures for a beautiful skin without any defect.

Say goodbye to the pimples

This horrible thing on your nose, arrived with the morning dew, you want it anywhere but on you. You are ready for anything to get rid of it. Except sometimes it gets worse.

Rather, it is the moment to bring out the old saying that prevention is better than cure. You will learn how to clean, heal, moisturize and, when necessary, camouflage its imperfections.

Skin imperfections: the causes

Disgraceful pimples and redness do not appear through the operation of the Holy Spirit. The imperfections are the simple consequence:


Poor diet: there is a real impact of nutrition on the skin

Too much stress and/or fatigue

Tad tricks of hormones

Morning / afternoon / evening cigarettes

Effects of pollution

Inappropriate cosmetic products

Uncontrolled fiddling by dirty hands

To counter these constant threats to the purity of your skin, REMEMBER: Cleansing, moisturizing, caring are your keywords.

Clean your skin to avoid pimples 

To avoid the appearance of pimples, the golden rule is to clean skin morning and evening. For the sportsmen, one pushes the vice after each activity. 

To take care of dry skin, it is better to opt for milk, oils, and micellar waters rather than for tap water, too aggressive for the skin.

Sensitive skin should opt for milk without rinsing and end with an application of thermal water.

Finally, if you have oily (or mixed) skin, avoid milk and creams, too nourishing. Choose foaming products to rinse with lukewarm water and use automatic face cleaning brush to wash face rather than your hands and fingers. 

Schedule a gentle scrub once a week to remove dead cells, unclog the pores and refresh the complexion. And every 15 days, apply a purifying mask to limit the excess of sebum.

Moisturizing your skin at all costs to avoid pimples

Contrary to popular belief, even skin prone to adult acne should be hydrated. Just choose a cream suited to your skin type.

If you have oily skin, for example, it is better to choose a moisturizer emulsion than a serum. Again, the application should be done both morning and evening. Caution: moisturize is not spread. Keep the light hand on the cream tube. Tips: once a week, zap the moisturizer to let your pores breathe.

How to care for an acne properly?

Your grandmother told your mother who told you at least 300,000 times: "Do not touch this button." Yes, it seems, touching a button only makes things worse.

Option 1: You do not give in to the temptation to burst this button. In this case, to take your pain in patients and accelerate the deadline, apply a drying product twice a day.

Option 2: You crack (like 99.99% of us). In this case, you should be vigilant: wash your hands and use a handkerchief to avoid the red mark framed by two nail marks. Tip: do not press the button, stretch it! Yes, it works!

What makeup to camouflage a button?

As a last resort, there are always the treasures of cosmetics, which make it possible to camouflage the imperfections as if by magic.

The corrector

If your button is not too red, only apply concealer on it.

Be careful to choose your concealer: prefer the stick format that liquid for better hold, and choose it a halftone brighter than your foundation.

If your button likes to be seen, you have to take out the green force: the corrector of redness in the stick. Applied before the anticerne, it reduces the color of the button.

The foundation

Above the concealer, the foundation makes it possible to unify the complexion. If you tend to make a lot of acne, instead use a tinted moisturizer to soften the "package" aspect of the foundation.

The powder

Finally, a touch of powder makes it possible to fix the complexion for an optimal outfit (and camouflage) for the whole day.