Spend Wallet

Pay with your mobile phone sucks, because your phone may die when just you are ready to pay. When you hand to your phone to the waiter, you also need to be careful while handing it. So in the end, you can never get rid of your wallet. This spend wallet that can totally replace your normal wallet. We’re tired of thinking the convenient truth of the outdate wallet and rethink of phones pretending of wallet. So you replace your wallet in a smart way: introducing spend wallet.

RFID Blocking Wallet

When the RFID wallet comes into the market, it receives thousands of positive comments and ranks very high in the Amazon wallet selling category. Cause of the card fraud and stolen identities in the recent years, people care of their information leakage very much. They afraid of the passers-by or strangers steal their card information simply by standing next to them. Our AYOUYA RFID Blocking Wallet features a built-in shield that blocks radio frequencies embedded in your credit cards, which protects your information from hacker. This wallet has tons rooms for cards. 9 card slots, 1 ID window, and 2 hidden pockets. Genuine leather and black design bring you a fashion style and high quality taste.

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Everyone needs a good writing notebook to note and capture your creative thoughts. A lot of people in my blog are travelers. They like travel around the world and also like write the world. No matter where they go, they always carry one journal notebook with them. This is an ideal gift for your back to school day. It made by soft and genuine leather with good leather scent and classic black design. 0.8 Inch thickness, easy for handwriting, drawing or sketching and compact for carrying in your bag. Ideal for alternative Artists Sketchbooks, Girls Diaries, Travelling, Business, Teen Journals, Poetry Work, Journalists, Food Planner, Scrapbook and Christian Bible Journaling.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Thanks to the improvement of our modern technology. We have plenty of headphone for running and sporting. But how to choose the best headphone is big problem for students without much budget. The most important thing for a running headphone is the sound quality and good balance. Adopting intelligent & latest Bluetooth CSR 4.1 technology, the powerful Bluetooth signal with up to 33 feet/10 meter operation distance. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology ensures that perfect sound is delivered to your ears each time. The wireless Bluetooth headphones have the characteristics of the best noise reduction effect which makes you enjoy the music quietly and answer the phone without any noise. 

TENS Pain Relief Massager

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation is an electronic therapy technique for relieving pain through the use of controlled voltage, current and pulse width of an electrical signal. The signal is produced by the TENS machine and transmitted to a patient's skin via self-adhering electrodes. Unlike with drugs, there are no unpleasant side effects.

The electrodes released by TENS unit are placed on the painful areas of your skin. It will produce a gentle, massage-like tingling sensation. The voltage and frequency of the stimulation cause pain gateways in the spinal cord to close or partially close, which blocks the pain's path to the brain. This mechanism is called sensory level stimulation. The electrical impulses stimulate the body to produce its own natural pain-killers called endorphins and enkaphalins. This mechanism is known as motor level stimulation.

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