The dilated pores are frequently located in the T zone. They affect the oily skin mostly. To get rid of these small and unsightly imperfections, several solutions exist. From the cream to the vibrating brush, the importance lies mainly in the cleansing of the skin. For a complexion skin type, we have explained everything, from makeup to removing makeup as well as from the products you are going to use.


Blackhead removal tool

In scientific term, the pore is a sweat and sebaceous gland present on the surface of the skin. That is to say? It is a small hole that allows the skin to breathe, to evacuate the toxins and to let the sweat escape. Our face has more than 300,000 pores!

When the process of the epidermis works normally, no problem, the pores are tightened and almost invisible. But a poor diet, daily stress, pollution, poor hygiene or simply skin that only makes one's head lead the pores to expand.

The result, they see and it is not very aesthetic. As you may have noticed, the dilated pores affect the T-zone of the face (forehead, wings of the nose, chin) and the oily skin. The greater the production of sebum, the more likely the pores are to be apparent. Children, for example, do not have this problem. Their sebaceous glands do not work enough.

A fierce fight against dilated pores

To get rid of the dilated pores, a good daily beauty routine is required. Pay special attention to your toilet. The skin is cleaned morning and evening with micellar water or a mild makeup remover. Never, never go to bed still makeup!

The new electric face cleaning brush is very effective against dilated pores. Studies have shown that they reduce them by half from the first use. Vibrations and rotations remove impurities without attacking the skin. Just choose the right device for your skin type.

If you have oily skin, you can finish the evening makeup by applying an astringent tonic. On the cream side, there is a multitude that has demonstrated abilities to smooth the skin. Prefer those containing salicylic acid or acidic vitamin A if you have oily skin or retinol if you have sensitive skin. They effectively tighten the pores.

Camouflage of dilated pores

And since the products will not be effective from the first application, makeup comes to the rescue. A fluid, the light foundation helps camouflage dilated pores. Forget oil-based products that would only stifle and grease the skin. 

If you have oily skin, be sure to apply a mineral powder to absorb excess sebum.

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