There is a new fashion trend taking over the earth and we have to say it's otherworldly! Alien fashion is the latest style craze and we can't get enough of it. If you loved it in the 90s then be prepared to get some major nostalgia.

Thanks to the space grunge movement, there are more alien inspired fashion items than ever! Just wait until you see the extra-terrestrial makeup trend it's truly out of this world.

Now, get your wallet ready, because this is anothertalko Tuesday special trend alert: alien fashion! Phone Cases:

For the person who loves the alien fashion trend but can't commit to wearing it, you can rock an alien inspired phone case instead. If you like over-the-top groovy alien loves to add this phone case to your phone accessories wardrobe. Or, maybe you like something that is more low-key like this hipster alien spaced out phone case?

And if you're a minimalist when it comes to fashion, try this ironic “humans or gross” alien phone case!


One of the easiest and more comfortable ways to sport this trend is by adding one of these out-of-this-world alien inspired leggings to your wardrobe.

We love these purple mosaic leggings with random alien heads floating around. If those aren't your style then you can try these fun tights which feature a spaceman painting rainbows. And, for those of you who aren't into color why not rock these cute black and white alien print leggings?


Who doesn't love jewelry, and what is a better way to subtly where alien attire? We all know chokers are back in style and if you love this trend try adding an alien charm to your choker. You can combine the Spacey and holographic fashion movements by wearing this holo alien head choker. Or for a more intricate option, try this custom-made chain Joker with alien head details.

Don’t worry if you aren't a choker wearer you can try these stud earrings and still be right on trend!


This fashion statement showed up just in time for summer, and you can get your space grunge on with some alien-inspired swimsuits. This crochet top would be perfect for the poolside or your next music festival. If you want more coverage forever 21 offers this adorable alien print bodysuit for under $15! For a more stylish swimwear option, you can try this triangle top featuring silly aliens with their tongues out. Don't forget your gold body harness, because this look is fierce!


These galaxy dresses not only look cute but they also look cozy. Show the world you come in peace with this adorable shirt dress featuring floating alien heads and peace signs. If you are looking for something more out of this world, try this groovy tie-dye oversized t-shirt dress! If you are someone who loves flirty frocks than this adorable holo dress with an alien deco is perfect for you!


If you still aren't sure how to rock this trend you can take one giant leap for the alien kind with these fun extraterrestrial inspired shoes. How cool are these platform shoes with little alien figurines trapped in the bottom? So are these crazy space scrunch platforms with thick rubber soles. If you aren't into platforms we have just the right shoes for you. These awesome Doc Martin boots feature alien heads that glow when the lights go out!


You can't make any of the clothes you already have trendy by adding alien decals to them! Do you have some high waist jean shorts?

Try adding a cute alien head patch to the front or if you have a stone-washed blue jean jacket why not turn it into a vest and iron on a cute alien deco like this one? One of the simplest ways to try this trend is by adding a couple of decals like this to the ends of your collared shirt. Aren't they a nice touch?


Let's get real! When you are hopping from planet to planet, you need a place to put your things. These alien inspired bags are perfect for the galaxy gal on the go. If you love the holo trend, then you will love this gorgeous alien head backpack. But, if it is something simpler you crave you can always rock this solid green alien head bag. And for the ladies, who think less is more, try this crossbody with chain detail intergalactic purse!


So you have the shoes, leggings, and bag, what's missing? A top of course, and we have the perfect one for you! We can't get over this amazing lace a bodysuit with colorful alien heads. We also adore this cute crop top halter featuring holo aliens and feathers. But for those of you who just want to be comfortable, you can sport this awesome alien face sweatshirt. Doesn't it look cozy and perfect for everyday wear?


It's easy to dress like an alien, but what if you actually want to look like one? Well, that is where alien-inspired makeup comes in. The simplest way to wear this futuristic makeup trend is by sliding some silver lipstick on your pout. Or you can try something a bit more detailed, like this gorgeous shimmering blue lipstick and gloss look. And, for the people wanting to go full intergalactic glam, check out this stunning alien-inspired full face of makeup!

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